Regardless of size of the projects what we build are quite simply we believe one of the best in the industry.

We are committed to achieve the high standard of construction and to facilitate fast and efficient construction to ensure complete client satisfaction.

ProjectOne’s focus is to extend our client’s expectations.

We prepare and implement a number of management plans and for each activity we prepare a technical procedure to make readiness on site.

We actively pursue Safety First policy to maintain the site safe at all times.

Delivery methods are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated.

We are regularly invited to work with our clients in developing delivery methods which best meet their specific needs for a project.


There exists a procedure for each activity during construction phase including the following aspects:

  • Construction Planning
  • Impacts & Hazards Risk Assessment
  • Construction Authorisation
  • Construction Authorisation Checklist
  • Releasing Budgets
  • Budget Variations
  • Budget Transfers
  • Pre-construction Reviews
  • Commencement of Site Works
  • EH&S Site Information
  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Subcontracts, Purchase Orders and Supply Agreements
  • Requesting Tenders from Subcontractors/Suppliers
  • Assessment and Negotiation of Tenders
  • Compiling the Final Subcontract Agreement
  • Execution of Subcontract & Supply Agreements
  • Authority to Commence Subcontractor/Supply Work
  • Project Filing
  • Job Diaries
  • Production Controls
  • Project Reviews
  • EH&S Compliance Reviews
  • Head Contract Time Management
  • Management of Subcontractors & Suppliers
  • Forecasting and Controls
  • Head Contract Progress Claims
  • Subcontractor Progress Payments and Security of Payment Act
  • Substantial Completion
  • Maximising Cash Flow
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Warranties and Certificates
  • Practical Completion
  • Post-Construction Reports
  • Defects Liability Period
  • Final Completion


The philosophy of Design and Build is central to the culture and operation of the ProjectOne. The fundamental aims of the Design and Build process are:

  • Single point accountability for management of the process from inception through to completion.
  • To add value through consistently questioning the status quo, always seeking better ways of doing things and project engineering or value engineering the optimum solution to all aspects of delivery.
  • Delivery to the satisfaction of all stakeholders while maximising the risk/reward equation.
  • Promote a productive ongoing client relationship that allows repeat business.

In addition ProjectOne expects our design & construction team to combine experience, proven techniques and innovation in delivery, with a commitment to excellence, effectiveness and efficiency. In particular the team must aim to:

  • Deliver on time, on budget and to the expected quality.
  • Seek continuous improvement in our design and construction systems and processes.
  • Encourage the creation of solutions appropriate to the needs of our clients, the community and the environment.
  • Comply with the requirements of the relevant authorities, standards, codes and legislation.

ProjectOne produces a comprehensive design and a fixed price contract and a programme based on the client’s brief.

Once these have been established, ProjectOne then take responsibility for the ongoing design process and construction on site through to the completion of the project.

For a multi storey development project a design feasibility study is required to investigate if the client’s expectation could be achieved before proceeding. The brief can be formulated at the onset with the client if required.



In order to deliver design and construction projects within increasingly ambitious targets, our extensive knowledge brings the service of preparatory measure at the earliest stages in programme development:

  • Client’s Brief
  • Review and Confirm Client’s Brief
  • Value Management
  • Project Programme
  • Conceptual Cost Estimate
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Project Organisation Structure
  • Project Procedures Manual
  • Design Consultant Appointments
  • Design Process Management
  • Document Control Implementation
  • Project Cost Plan
  • Value Engineering
  • Liaise with Authorities
  • Contract Package Documentation
  • Buildability Analysis
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Pre-Construction Works
  • Contract Tender and Award


In order to ensure the aspirations and plans prepared during the pre-construction stage are achievable ProjectOne employs the following procedure:

  • Construction Strategy
  • Site Organisation
  • Management of Construction
  • Site Logistics
  • Safety and Security Management
  • Quality Management
  • Project External Relations
  • Performance Measurement
  • Cost Management
  • Claims Management
  • Reporting
  • Commissioning Management
  • Final Acceptance Implementation
  • Operating and Maintenance Manuals and ‘As-Built’ Drawings Collation