One way of minimising potential risk of any development project is to share the risk between stakeholders for the benefit of successful completion.

The client with the equity of the land can participate the JV agreement. With comfortable level of risk involved the party can work together project by project basis for successful completion to each party’s satisfaction.

Open book is the heart of the ProjectOne’s policy. Openness, the sharing of information and of potential problems leading to team solutions and agreed actions, is an integral part of the way in which we operate. Our management agreement is based on open book costing.

All important decisions are made in an atmosphere of a shared co-operation for common goal.


Successful property development is the process of acquiring an asset, making substantial physical changes to it and selling it at a profit. The property development process generally involves the following:

  • Locating a suitable site for development
  • Determining if the development is feasible
  • Purchasing the property and arranging finance
  • Designing a concept development
  • Applying for relevant authority permits
  • Construction and/or subdivision
  • Marketing the project
  • Securing tenants (if applicable)
  • Disposal of the property for net proceeds greater than the total acquisition and development cost

JV Development is certainly a comfortable proposition to do a business with mutual respect and trust for common goal.